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     Our Spritual Leader


Our Spritual leader Syed Abdul Rasheed Koya Thangal (Raliallahuanhu)



   Syed Abdul Rasheed Koya Thangal was a great Islamic saint lived in the Indian subcontinent. He was from Androth island,kerala, India who is a descendant from Sayyid families,migrated from the historic city of Tarim, in Hadramawt Province, Yemen,during the 16th and 17th century in order to propagate Islam. During his entire life span he used to visit various parts of Sri-lanka namely central, western and eastern parts of the island. He has thousands of devotees around Sri- lanka and india. He passed away on 22nd of Islamic month safer in 1997 and His holy body was laid down at Randu Makam Palliyamoola, kannoor, India.

Al madrasathul Minhajiyyah,Batupitiya and Al jamiyathul Ghouziyya,Dehiwala are the two most renowned  islamic institutions which was inaugarated by Syed Abdul Rasheed Koya Thangal.These succesful precious institutions, though very rare,are the real aqeeda of islam,ahlusunna wal jamath,in Sirlanka.and he is the sole patron of masjidul rifayi batupitiya and Mohiyiddeen Takkiya mosque Kattankudy.

After the demice of this spiritual leader,Syed Nalla Koya Thangal became the sole heir of him and now carrying on the Kilafat Of Silsilatul Qadiriya War Rifayia and bearing the patronage of the above mentioned precious institutions.
Syed Nalla Koya thangal now frequently visiting the places where our demice spiritual leader visited earlier,namely based in Batupitiya and various parts of central province and based in Kattankudy and various parts of eastern province and throughout Colombo district.

 Syed Nalla Koya Thangal (Qadiri , Rifayi)

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